Pursuing Sustainability... Genuinely!

It is common knowledge that the concern for environment has been growing, and, more and more consumers, across the globe, are asking for eco-friendly products.

We, at Denim Club, feel that we should also be making our proverbial ‘drop in the ocean’ contribution to the fast evolving causes of sustainability and environment.

Denim Club proudly presents “handloom” denim – an eco-friendly and sustainable variety of denim – produced using ethical and sustainable material and methods.

The Handloom Denim Initiative by Denim Club is a step in the direction of sustainable clothing and socially responsible fashion, which has made available an innovative product line which has all these years lived only in the imagination of fashion designers.

At the same time, this initiative by Denim Club is also a small step towards preserving the Indian culture and helping the weavers in keeping alive their traditional skill and craft and ensuring their livelihoods.

The handloom denim fabric collection offered by Denim Club has a very low, almost negligible, carbon foot print.

Authentic Hand-made Denim Fabric

Handloom Denim fabric offered by us is completely artisanal in nature.

The entire process of making fabric from yarn is hand-based, involving hank dyeing, hand sizing, hand reeling, hand warping and hand weaving.

The handloom denim is made out of 100% cotton yarn, and is offered in two basic varieties, based on the type of yarn used for producing fabric, one being handloom denim, made out of mill-made yarn, and the other being khadi denim, made using hand-spun yarn.

The handloom denim fabric made out of hand-spun yarn is called “khadi-denim”.

Chemical-free Organic Natural Dyes

The handloom denim offered by Denim Club also distinguishes itself by being 100% chemical-free. The color used for dyeing the warp yarns is extracted from natural sources, like, eucalyptus tree leaves, pomegranate rind, onion skins, marigold flower petals, madder roots, and indigo plant.

The colored fabric, dyed with organic / vegetable dyes, is completely free of hazardous chemicals, and safe for the human skin.

The dyeing of yarn is carried out in small lots, and is done manually – in hank form – in a heated dye bath.

The dyeing with indigo is done without using any heat, in a vat at normal room temperature.

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Eco-friendly Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

Fabric Collection

Natural Indigo

Up-cycled Veg. Dyes

Wholesale & Retail

We pursue a unique business model – hybrid of B2B and B2C operations – thereby offering our products in retail, for personal use, as well as in wholesale, for business. You can buy 3 meters of a fabric, or get even 3000 meters of the same. You can order a single jacket or jeans of your size, or order a packed shipment of a thousand pairs. We service all your requests.

Buy In Bulk (Wholesale)

If you are an apparel manufacturer, or  a fashion designer, and are looking to source bulk quantities of eco-friendly selvedge denim fabric, click on the link below.

Buy Small Quantity (Retail)

If you are looking to source eco-friendly selvedge denim fabric, in small quantities, for personal use, or for making some sample pieces, click on the link below.

Taking The Lead...

The Handloom Denim Initiative, by Denim Club, is a small step towards preserving the Indian culture and helping the weavers in keeping alive their traditional skill and craft, and ensuring their livelihoods, while making available an eco-friendly, socially responsible fashion fabric.

As a part of HDI, Denim Club promotes the use of hand-made denim fabrics for making apparel and other items, provides hand-holding and guidance for setting up hand-made denim production facilities, provides equipment and training to faculty and students of educational institutes, and helps traditional weavers in modifying their looms and learning to weave denim.

Evolving Continuously

We continue to invest in further research and development, perfecting the art, craft, and techniques for making superior, eco-friendly denim, in most environment friendly ways.

We currently offer several unmatched varieties of authentic 3×1 twill weave handloom selvedge denim, which are our specialty, and you will not get these from any other producer of handloom denim.

Our fabric ranges from 4.5 oz to 14 oz in weight, and can be customized as per your requirement.

The Journey Goes On ...

We have been working on the handloom denim project, now, for more than six years now. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. The entire team is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We take pride in the fact that we offer a few varieties of eo-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim which continue to remain unmatched by any other handloom denim producer, the premium light weight shirting material being one such example.

Customization, Beyond Imagination

Denim Club also works very closely with fashion designers, making completely customized handloom / khadi denim fabric available to them for their collections.

We offer unlimited options in weaving and dyeing, including but not limited to fabric dyeing with several vegetable dyes, custom stripes and checks, jacquard designs, tie and dye, and much more.

Product Categories

Khadi Denim

(Hand-spun Yarn, Woven on Handlooms)

Light Weight [5-6 Oz / 170-200 GSM]
Medium Weight [6-10 Oz / 200-340 GSM]
Heavy Weight [10-11 Oz / 340-370 GSM]

Handloom Denim

(Mill-spun Yarn, Woven on Handlooms)

Light Weight [4.5-5 Oz / 150-180 GSM]
Medium Weight [6-10 Oz / 200-340 GSM]
Heavy Weight [10-11 Oz / 340-370 GSM]

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